Mad Men Season 4 Episode 1 continued

Peggy telling the new guy we haven’t seen, “Chop. chop Joey” — Peggy telling a man what to do.
The office is bright, geometric Mondrian, yet in the end Peggy’s skirt is geometric in pattern….but bland, earthy, dull. Along the same lines, but different, which is a metaphor of Peggy herself. Peggy in line with, yet against, the office.

Speaking of Peggy, Don saying to her, ” Spit it out, honey.” Probably one of the more important things of the episode. Doubt it’s foreshadowing of romance bc that would be too simple and network tv untalented hack cheesy.

We saw Peggy start calling Draper, Don, first name, before this season. No one does that. But Peggy did. There has always been a triptych of Don/Betty/Peggy, and this is one of the more important developments of it.

It’s not about cheesy soap opera possible romance; it’s about Don taking her more seriously, personally, calling her by a term of affection; something this man never does…


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