MAD MEN Season4 Episode2

If you notice, earlier in the episode, Don made a play for the nurse. Didn’t happen. Then, he could’ve easily made a play for the psychiatrist-type woman but didn’t because she wanted in to him, not take care of him. In the end, he went for, and got, Allison, the secretary, who takes some care of him.

What’s the common denominator with the nurse and the secretary? Two women who can take care of him. That’s what it’s about. That’s what he went for. This is where Don Draper is now. That’s the point of the episode, to me anyway.

Even though he gave Allison the next day sober boot, however immediately after the sex, did you see the tender touch he gave her after the sex? The  face caress, the personal attention, the emtional attention from a man who is incapable of such? It’s the contradiction that makes us men. You women have all been there.

I thought that was the key scene of the episode; not the sex but his touching her face afterward.

Again, no blonde, just like last week when it didn’t work out with Jane’s friend, and here instead he goes for the first brunette, the nurse, and gets the other brunette secretary Allison.

When Betty found the box last season, she said. “you wanted to get caught”. Does Don cry out for things by action instead of words? Is Don crying out for something by going for caretaker girls here?

In the series premiere season1, when Peggy put her hand on his, he rejected it. He didn’t need it. Does he need it now though? Obviously.

Was the emphasis on the kids this episiode metaphorical? Kids need a foundation, and so does Don right now?

Don is grasping for something other than sex, but seeking that unknown however through what he knows, which leads to so much more mess. Not the first guy.

The last scene was terrific. Don leaving the office with Allison’s “gifts”, (cough, cough, metaphor) while she, the girl, is left with meaningless words the next morning you put in a drawer. Perfect metaphor.

What say you?


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