Don and the future of old

Don at the end.

Watching the old man, did Don see the future? It is clear on what side of the wall, the wall we saw in SCDP with the old guard on one side and the new guard right outside, we saw this old man is on. He is on the side that is apart from the new rising Peggy and friends side. But, the old man is with someone though. He is not on the side of the wall about power to the people etc. He is on his side of the wall, alone with his wife, quiet and concerned only with his peaches. This is probably a man who spent his life being simply thankful for what he ever had, and not being angry at what he didn’t have. The difference between the two sides of the wall.

Don said to Rachel Menkin in the first episode ever, (and one of the best dialogues you’ll ever hear) “you’re born alone and you die alone, and all this world does is drop a bunch of rules on top of you. I never forget that. I’m living for tomorrow because, there is none.”

Peggy spent last season and up until this season riding a confused fence, undecided which side is her, in search of an identity.

And of course remember identity is a running theme through our little show here.

In the end of this episode, the old guard is shaking hands as the modern executive does. Peggy’s crowd is giggling having fun, as the new guard does.

Don enters his crappy apartment, alone, as the episode ends.


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