Glass wall, rejection vs. acceptance

Glass wall, acceptance vs rejection

The Rejected.

So many levels. We get the obvious, Pete being rejected at the office, then having to reject his father-in-law and of course Don rejecting Allison. Then at the end of course, Peggy rejecting the old guard as she runs off with her new crowd.

But there’s one more element about facing rejection, really interesting. The last shot: Don looking at the old man going into his apt as Don is doing the same. The rejection of Don Draper and that sort of society is no coincidence juxtaposed with the shot of Peggy prior and her younger people. Don is the rejected.

Delving into that, we saw two groups, and an in-between group, similar to yet again to the 3 parties episode last year.

Peggy last year in the 3 parties episode was as always caught in between an identity. She was half working as the old guard would, but ends up half playing as the new guard does. This episode this season, she makes a choice, her own choice.

There’s a barrier, the glass door/wall separating the old guard from the new guard as Peggy’s friends enter (but stop at it and don’t go through it). Also visually you have the secretary in red, a shot from behind, using her visually placed between the two groups as well, visually drawing the line for further visual emphasis. Peggy asks do you want to join us, she says she can’t. The secretary is in between symbolically, between work of the old guard as she does and play of the new guard as she seemingly wants; not just spirit but also visually the presence of her body drawing the line. Rare do you see camera shots from behind someone, so here there’s a reason.

Peggy has a sort of closure in her first conversation with Pete. Then here, with the visuals of the divided society, the choice she makes, she says something to Pete. Without words and through metaphor she says goodbye to Pete, through the wall and choosing to stand on her side of it.

Last year Peggy was lost, searching for an identity. Tonight she chose. Don is a lost man, and he is stuck.

Both Don and Peggy saw their future here tonight?


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