Peggy, the unintended trophy

The competition over Peggy:

Last year, Duck trying to woo Peggy from Sterling Cooper.

The priest competing both with and against her in season 2 for the truth.

Her mother competing with Madison Avenue to keep her home.

Her sister endlessly competing with her due to sibling rivalry.

Don, wanting to bring her from SC to SCDP.

At the party tonight, the guy in the closet and Peggy’s friend both having eyes for her competing for her.

At SCDP Peggy is in an implied competition because the old guard likes her work and wants her; Freddie, Don and Roger only care about who makes money. But the new guard shows up for her not exactly being shy about it. The old guard takes her work seriously which is so important to her, even if they still have a boys will boys attitude that she has to put up with. But the new guard cares not about her work. The new guard doesn’t care about one of the very things so important to her.

Does Peggy stick with those who take her work seriously even though they don’t treat her like one of the boys? Or does Peggy join those that take an interest in her but have no care for her work, which means a lot to her?

The conflict that defines Peggy steps to another level.

What defines Peggy?  Her work means more than a lot. Those here tonight that accept her with no questions care not at all about her work, something that is her very core though. Those who care about what is her very core, her work, don’t treat her like friends.

Peggy is a girl who gets no attention, yet is unaware of all the attention that she actually has. It manifests itself in the competition on different levels about her. Yet, it’s competition that’s not about her as her own person, it’s competition about her being an object.

What was great about Duck sending her the scarf last year was that Peggy doesn’t have the simple things like a guy sending her a simple gift. Somewhere underneath everything Peggy is still a girl at heart. That’s why she wanted to keep it. Peggy finally had attention that was a good personal thing even if it was fake, it was a personal item even if simple. But even though she knew better, she’s so starved she liked it.

Peggy has been completely starved for attention because she’s either been an object as an office tool or a family tool or a utilitarian tool, but here tonight she (seemingly because you never know what will happen) was given attention not for a personal use, but finally as an accepted peer. Even in the 3 parties episode last year she was still treated as a lark and not seriously with the Paul gang.

Peggy is in need of an identity and made a decision tonight. Was it really the right one?

It’s those who accept her as a peer yet care not at all about what is so intrinsic to her core, to part of her heart, what really matters to her SO much, her work. They couldn’t care less.


Those who give her the validation of her work, yet don’t count her personally as a peer.

Which group is the real user?

Peggy, who wants what any normal person does, attention, gets none yet gets too much; just too much of the wrong kind. Not exactly new in life, huh?

The conflict that is Peggy continues…


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