Ep 5, Combat, confiding and Peggy on the carouself motif

Episode 5, combat vs confide, and Peggy on the carousel theme.

To me, the most interesting scene was Don with Dr. Faye.

She’s in an office, yet in the kitchen. Shoes off. Doing dishes. And the only time in the episode, Don actually confides rather than combats. He talks personally which he rarely does. There’s no element of vinegar in their presence, like it was before and like to a small degree his dates with Jane’s friend, no matter whose fault it would be.

Since she’s both in an office and a kitchen, which is the real environment Don is seeing?

Is it simply because she’s a psych and it mirrors the Sally angle? Or is it something more, about the homestead blonde. Is that what unlocks the first lock of a safe with many locks to go through until he opens? Is that his pillow, is that his oasis his mind wants to finally rest upon and within? Anna does after all give him a bit of that as well.

Did he see the idea of a Betty without combat, in her? He’s also straight with Anna. He sees nothing worthy of substance in Dr. F until that scene. And he is neither alpha male nor bossy toward her, choosing to confide. Most every other scene was one of combat and confrontation with him tonight.

And later with work, did we see Don employing the Cold War strategy of an arm’s race?

In addition, Tonight we saw Don on different sides of things. The visual near the end was great, of Don in his chair and Pete and Layne in a big office with plenty of space, but sitting together away from him. With his coworkers, his wife, his date, competitors etc he was always on another confrontational side. Yet he was only together, and for only a few moments, with someone he was formerly on the other side of in blondy Dr. F.

Later we saw Betty in Sally’s psyche’s office looking wistfully at the idyllic playhouse. Not to mention her with Henry hanging together listening to the music in the living room like we saw with her and Don before. Also not to mention Betty complaining to Henry about parenting, yet telling him he’s soft. She did basically the same to Don when he wouldn’t smack Bobby.

(and unrelated it would have been very Joan as well looking at the playhouse; meanwhile Peggy is riding the Honda around and around in a circle [carousel style] ).

Which brings us to another unanswerable point: I’ve always believed in the carousel motif of unencumbered spinning round and round like a child with no admitted beginning or end, no worries as one of the underlying themes of this series (the Kodak presentation, and the visual carousel the episode we met Suzanne Farrell, and the emphasis on globes which spin around and around). Peggy, who we know has a lot of Don in her, visually spinning around and around tonight. We saw her within a round set, traveling around and around, and they could have had her do anything. Or maybe it’s just a bunch coincidences through the seasons. Who knows.


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