Mad Men Episode 6

The spherical cigarette dispenser thing Allison threw at Don back on the coffee table? I think so.

Peggy is wearing slingbacks.

Interesting Don and Peggy dynamic. In the beginning, Don is actually chummy with her in turning down someone. But then challenging later on is their interaction. It’s a hallmark of their relationship; both honey and vinegar. Yet in the end it works.

Roger talking about comedy duo relationships. Then you have he and Don in apparently their first meeting ever, kinda both doing a comedy routine for us the viewer. The way they dialogue back and forth with the furs looked like an homage to old school comedy duos. And they do it immediatley after, when we get back to the present, in their drinking.

The flashback with Roger and Joan, the next edit is Roger in present calling in Caroline to say he has, “another work story”.

At the ceremony after Duck being old-Duck, “Gentlemen let’s pace ourselves” is the announcement, and Roger takes a long pull from his drink.

The creepy guy to Peggy mentioned something about hunting, similar to the Pete dialogue she had back in the day…

SO, we find out in the flashback Don did the whole gift idea in trying to get a job with Roger. Roger didn’t like it. Remember when CocaCola did that regarding Betty, and Don didn’t like it?

At the end when Pete was talking to Cosgrove, taking charge, I was disappointed to not see Pete’s rifle in the background, like we used to see whenever Pete had a changing moment.

The random and accidental waitress after all that? Anyone who has ever lived will vote to submit this one for the Emmys, if not 2 episodes ago.

Later, Don pulling the old and patented Cock Block by stealing Dr. Faye from some guy. Classic. Barvo Mr. Draper.


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