The Joan Leg shot

The Joan legshot. To me, I thought excellent use of sexuality to distract us to make us think it’s rooted in male competition for a woman. But, I thought both of them taking her hand was more about the original line from Joan in the pilot, to Peggy, “most of these men want a mother and a waitress.”

They’re both Alpha males, constantly in competition on more than one level. But in the face of hopefully the moment of triumph instead of high-fiving and chest thumping and male posturing etc….they each independently, unknowing, took the woman’s hands instead, at the moment of climax.

They could have shot it with both of them taking her hands above table in group joy. But 2 things:

They both hid it from each other, so it was under the table to not let the other see.

But second, they’re both grown men reaching for her hands, the woman, in this moment which could mean a lot.

It was way more personal, visually, seeing the two Alpha males both reach for the comfort of femininity; and her legs were the symbol of that femininity to us the viewer as both Don and Rger took her hands.


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